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I will tell you that I hate politics but I read the news almost daily for the past decade so I can't really just 'ignore it' to not form an opinion. I think I hate what it does to people more than me simply stumbling upon an article about it daily. So I don't think I'm that "ignorant" about what is going on in the world. Definitely could use more learning and more exposure to different views to hear people out. I will also simply share and not preach my own beliefs nor deem myself as holier than thou haha. I try not to talk about 'politics' on purpose *but* I prefer talking about it with people who are less emotional about it. Anyone else a situational person? You will need to break down each topic for me so I can tell you my views. I personally can't stand being too left, or too right. Haha. Left wing, right wing.. same damn chicken. A bird can't fly with one wing. My takeaway from that debate is that  this two party crap sucks and I am sick of the "lesser of two evils" option. But here we are.

And I know I joke a lot about politics for my own enjoyment but I want to share that I am in healthcare, now in community health. Public health including the plight of most of the people we serve will always be political. I am surrounded by it. It's not like I am just "reading the news" and simply going on Twitter to "tweet my opinion" haha umm no, I live this shit almost daily. For example, there are people who simply wants their children to make it here and there are those who would wave their welfare checks and had told me, "you could live this life but you choose to work!"

Humor gets me through, unfortunately.

And I will almost always try and help better the lives of those I can actually help. For the youth, I am looking at you. let me just work on my credentials HAHA!

I do not want to be jaded though.. about the world I mean. I am one of those able-bodied to work so I'm going to do it. I have goals and places to go and I cannot afford to be idle and whine about my life. Not an option.

Random: Despite of it all, whatever it is I do for a living gives me purpose instead of being a waste of air.

Honestly.... if anyone is looking for someone to just simply discuss matters-- politics or whatever -- with someone who wont get too emotional and or someone to simply pick at each other's brains-- I am here for you. If you want to tell me I am wrong for the way I view things, that's fine. Share your ideas my way because I am open-minded AF!

On another note.....

I know "Will you shut up, man?" is something I'd probably wear as a shirt as I go to the polls but....

"China ate your lunch, Joe!" made laugh so hard.

Take care and catch you all at your comment space!

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.. has made a lot of things tolerable lately.

Trying to be a “minimalist” has become more than just “decluttering.” There is a lot of realization about contentment in the present.

Take care of your mental health, folks..

I will admit that dealing with the mentally “dead” influences my perspective in life nowadays.

Oh and I choose kindness.

Wonder Woman


Work and school life is still kicking my ass.. How are you doing?

Its been awhile since I reflectively talked about my job.

For those of you who do not know, I am a practical nurse (or vocational nurse).

(I am currently trying to finish some prerequisites so I can do a step-up to become an RN. Sometimes I become inactive due to this).

I've been jaded about my job recently while at the same time, it is the only thing I can see myself doing. No, I am not an RN. But I am popping pill to patients. I do bedside care. I give injections. I put catheter. I don't see being a nurse for the task though. I'm usually just lost in my own life. I don't think I have a 'talent' either, but being in this field gives me purpose. I serve people in this way. It makes me feel a bit selfless.

But the best part about the job is always seeing the progress of patients. I've worked in long term care where patients do not come and go -- they find a home there or need a lot of time to get better. Some patients are there just for a place for their last remaining days. I would see them get better or deteriorate. It is the in-betweens that I like because that is where I am able to connect with people.

I work in a sub-acute unit now where people are breathing on ventilators or a blow-by. There is a hole in their throat pretty much. Many of these people are mentally dead, quadraplegic, and basically will never recover to their original state. They are kept alive by feeding tubes, medications, the tracheostomy, etc. I see families who visit their loved ones and can't accept the irreversible condition. I try to be open-minded and understanding about this. I want to be mindful and imagine myself in their shoes.

Anyway, I do not know where I am getting at.

In a nutshell, work has been some kind of weird routine. I'm not complaining about it. It actually inspires me to help people who are actually in need. I mean those people who can still recover and have a chance in this world. I think about people who can't afford any form of healthcare but have the potential to get better *if only* they have access.

This thought branched out to more things like after watching Youtube videos about poverty in the Philippines and hearing the street children being interviewed about what they want to be when they grow up. I see the kids with big bellies because of tapeworms in their stomachs, some skin condition, or those who can not go to school because they can not afford any footwear. I guess there are some thing that *I* can afford to donate or mend.

Yeah, I am jaded but I am also not idle. I do know that I can channel the knowledge that I am learning in school, work, or life in general to someone else who can have a chance for a better quality of life.

I definitely rambled.

I am blessed to have a working mind and the ability to make decisions. 
Wonder Woman

Life thus far..

Hiatus would have been much longer, but I'm slowly catching up on entries once again. It is hard to separate from Livejournal.

I'm doing just OK in school. Getting straight A's is impossible when I am also trying to survive in my daily life. And that's OK. I just want to finish. I took a break from Livejournal thinking that I can do some time management, but that failed terribly. Other issues keeps on coming. I feel like my life is plagued by unforeseen circumstances that I am never ready for.

I can go on, but at the end of the day, I've reflected about how unhealthy it is to be super selfless.

This is what I plan to do about it:
- Become more assertive
-Tell the truth
- Declutter (this one is in the works. This one will just relieve my stress, haha.

Same in platonic and romantic relationships too. I am in such a delicate year or two in my life when my career is more important right now. I know my capacity in terms of how much I can give or sacrifice. I'm not one to ask: what can this person do for me in return?

And then one day, I did.

It is sometimes important to reflect about the people we become "selfless" for. Are they worth the sacrifices? Are they worth the ache?

Random thought.

When it comes to change all I can is: Embrace change -- embrace the change even if it is suddenly forced upon you. Embrace change for the good. Embrace change even if it brings drawbacks. Embrace change.

At the end of the day, I just need to suck it up and keep moving forward.
Wonder Woman

Bare with me

School started and it is kicking my ass, haha. Im trying to work on time management. So please be patient with me and...., no unfriending me!

Thank you. Hugs!

Wonder Woman

Random thought

Cutting my relatives out of my life has been one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life. Its been years, but the upcoming holidays just reminded me of that moment.

It's past 1AM and I really felt like venting but feel too worn out from school and work. But I'll leave this here. Maybe some of you can make me feel better just by being able to relate.

I'm glad we can at least choose our friends.